Our Work 

MTBI2’s multidisciplinary research investigates traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) of all severities and all causes. Our deep military ties enable us to conduct solutions-focused science that’s firmly rooted in U.S. Department of Defense operational needs. 

Our work tackles hard-hitting unanswered questions that prevent U.S. service members with TBIs from leading their healthiest and fullest lives possible. Our science closes gaps in the assessment, diagnosis, and personalized treatment of TBIs. 

MTBI2’s research priorities include far-forward (austere) battlefield care, increasing service members return to duty rates after a TBI, and identifying new biomarkers to quickly, accurately, and objectively diagnose brain injuries. Additionally, our team studies the effects of repetitive low-level blast exposure, anomalous health incidents, and the development of new knowledge products to further TBI advancements. 

In addition to our team of approximately 20 scientific investigators and 60 dedicated staff members, MTBI2 has a robust, in-house infrastructure comprised of: 

We’re serious about our work and are honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with the service members we do it for.