Participate in a Study

The Military Traumatic Brain Injury Initiative (MTBI2)’s research tackles three key, hard-hitting questions:

  • Who has definitively sustained a traumatic brain injury?
  • What is this patient’s prognosis?
  • Which treatments are best for this particular patient? 

Right now, insufficient answers to these questions prevents TBI patients from living their healthiest and fullest lives. Finding much-needed solutions will help ensure patients will recover more quickly and fully after a head injury. But we can only get so far on our own — we need help from study participants. 

Study participation is the key to unlocking a brighter future for TBI patients. 

We offer a diverse variety of studies, because no two brains — or TBIs — are alike. Our studies vary in severity, location, injury phases, etc., but always echo back to those three main questions.


"Research participation is an honorable act of service."

Bradley Dengler
Dr. Bradley Dengler
LTC, Medical Corps, U.S. Army and Director of MTBI2

At any given time we have 5+ studies that are open for service members 18 years old or older to participate in, as well as several that are open to civilians as well. Several can be done completely remotely. 

Interested in participating in research but don’t see anything that works for you right now? Our TBI Research Opportunities and Outreach for Participation in Studies (TROOPS)  program will keep you updated about the latest and greatest research as well as opportunities that may be the best fit for you. Our team will help match preferences, needs, types of studies you want to participate in, so that we can connect research participants with opportunities that meet their needs.