Woman holding Test Tube

Biorepository Division

MTBI2’s Biorepository Division processes, receives, catalogs, and stores biospecimen (primarily blood-based) for military traumatic brain injury (TBI) studies. The Repository houses 162,900+ samples, over 55% of which are requestable for analysis and scientific discovery in other TBI research protocols. Our Biorepository Division maintains donated samples collected under internal MTBI2 studies or through collaboration with IRB-approved clinical protocols.
The Biorepository Division establishes and maintains standardized policies for sample collection, preparation, biomarker assay analysis, reporting and storage to ensure the integrity and value of collected specimens. The Biorepository Division also provides partners with adequate numbers of biospecimen samples to support well-designed research protocols that would not otherwise be possible through limited local resources.
Our Biorepository Division’s team has over 35 years of expertise in biorepository preservation and collection. This team assists investigators and study teams with various aspects of their study, including:

  • Blood collection and aliquot design consultation
  • Blood kit production
  • Specimen receipt, processing, inventory, and storage
  • Vial level specimen inventory system
  • Specimen retrieval for analysis

Interested in working with us? Contact MTBI2-biorepository@usuhs.edu for more information or to submit a proposal.