Research Focus

The Military Traumatic Brain Injury Initiative (MTBI2), conducts clinical, operational, and translational research that tackles the hard-hitting questions facing U.S. service members with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Our science helps develop objective diagnostic and prognostic indicators, as well as personalized treatment measures that will enable every service member who has sustained a TBI to receive care tailored to them so they can recover more quickly and fully. 

MTBI2’s research focuses on five key priorities, designed with the goal of helping service members live their healthiest and fullest lives: 

  • Far-forward (austere) battlefield care
  • Return to duty
  • Development of translational animal models
  • New biomarkers (biospecimen & imaging)
  • Effects of repetitive low-level blast exposures

Our research is made possible thanks to the service members and civilians who volunteer to participate in our studies. To learn more about our currently enrolling studies or to find more information about how you can contribute to our research, please visit our study participation page.